Donnerstag, 22. September 2016

Plattenschau #32 - AGO "For You" (Live On Stage - 1. Oct. @ Humboldthain Club, Berlin)

Full Time Records (1982)


Years AGO we had the idea to start a 80s funk party in our "barrio" to share our dedication of Boogie Funk with our friends and the whole city. After a three-year run of incredible party moments we've reached a point at which a dream of ours come true. One of our essential prime time LPs will be played live on stage: "AGO - FOR YOU"!!!!!
Therefore, a big thanks Ago, Ivan Marquez and the whole Funk Freaks fam for the connection & the same passion and love for the FUNK. 

About this LP is not much to be said...every song is a winner and has this classic Das Zündet Bounce to get freaky on the floor. Here is a little selection so you can enjoy the next party even more:

For You

Trying Over

Stop Your Life

You Make Me Do (It)

The last time the man was in Germany was in the late 80s. So fly by for a cultural experience to see the living legend of italo-funk & 80s dance music live in full effect.

Ago @ Funk Freaks Party in California