Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

Plattenschau #5 - Krautology

LP (1972) United Artists Records

One of our favorite albums and of our favorite covers of all time!
 It's incredible that only a few people in Germany know how much great & funky music came out of their country, especially during the 70s. Since we are digging deep that kind of music, it is one of our aims to show what is out there to discover. 

Niagara was founded by mastermind Klaus Weiss as a straight Drum & Percussion project. After their legendary first LP Klaus decided to replace most of the musicians and to add melodic instruments. The outcome is totally off the chain.
By the way, also the great Udo Lindenberg is rocking the drums & percussions on this krautly monster jam.


Terra Incognito